The Budget Barrel

Budget Games are like the exploitation cinema of the video game world. They can be repackaged versions of older games, they can be titles from foreign or upstart developers, or they can be creatively bankrupt ripoffs of other, better games. Usually the third one. The Budget Barrel reviews good, bad, and bizarre value priced video games.


SAS: Secure Tomorrow (PC 2008)

Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol (PC 2004) Review - Budget Barrel 06

US Most Wanted: Nowhere to Hide (PC 2002) Review - Budget Barrel 05

Shadow Force: Razor Unit (PC 2002) Review - Budget Barrel 04 ft Cine-Masochist

Secret Service: Security Breach (PC 2003) Review - Budget Barrel 03 ft Q your face X

Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds (PC 2004) Review - Budget Barrel 02

Secret Service: In Harm's Way (PC 2001) Review - Budget Barrel 01