Max Payne 3 PC - In Depth Review

For the first time ever, The Examined Life (of Gaming) reviews a current game! Daaaang! I'm a huge fan of the Max Payne series, so I HAD to review Max Payne 3. Keep in mind though, that means I'm bothered more by the story than you might be. Enjoy!

UPDATE: As of June 26, there is a new patch! And it's ONE HUNDRED percent worse! The mouse issues are not fixed, but rather made choppier. The new mouse acceleration option has no appreciable difference, so that's nice. The connection issues are not fixed. The lobby has a fun new opaque chat window obscuring half of the menu items.... jeez Rockstar, what the hell is wrong with you guys? PC Versions need love too! UPDATE OVER!

ELoG Score: 7/10 (Recommended) Thanks! -Roland