Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3 - ELoG Supplemental

This supplemental bite-sized episode of the Examined Life (of gaming) is about modern warfare.

Not just the game series, but the way modern warfare, and the modern US military machine are portrayed in video games.

The opinion of this marine(reviewer, rather) it's all about Black Hawk Down. The 2001 Black Hawk Down film did for war games what The Matrix did for sci-fi.

Until Generation Kill came along and showed everybody what the modern US military REALLY looks like, game developers turned to Black Hawk Down for authenticity, scenes, themes, styles, and the like. This is deliciously ironic when you consider that Black Hawk Down is about a conflict that took place in 1993. And it was used as a basis for the modern US military for most of the decade. D'oh.

When Modern Warfare 1 came out, Black Hawk Down was still the movie to emulate. 2 years later for Modern Warfare 2, Generation Kill had showed up to change things. This explains the discrepancy between style and atmosphere between MW1 and 2.

That's a lot of text, to supplement not a lot of review.
See ya next time, and with a bigger episode.