Michael Crichton's Timeline - ELoG 05

This episode of The Examined Life (of gaming) takes a good long look at Timeline, a game based on Michael Crichton's 1999 novel of the same name.

Well, if was long enough for a good long look, we would have. As it stands we just sort of throw a glance in it's direction.

Michael Crichton thought he could make a faithful and successful adaptation of one of his novels, so in 1999 he created Timeline Computer Entertainment, a new development studio, to make Timeline.

You may remember that in 1998 Trespasser was released, a game based (indirectly) on his Jurassic Park novel. Trespasser had an abysmal critical and popular reception, so who knows what Crichton was thinking.

Who knows what I was thinking doing this video. It was nearly impossible to get the game to run, much less record it. Much MUCH less record it with sound.
Was it worth it?